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LED lighting business electricity supplier marriage: "three-dimensional marketing" into a trend


Since the rise of e-commerce since it was predicted that once would pose a threat to traditional lighting sources. But the fact is the current LED lighting industry channel marketing system still works mainly hidden channels and channels, but these channels are generally in the hands of large traditional lighting companies. The new face of e-commerce sales channel mode, LED enterprises are emerging as the new e-commerce opportunities, and have the traditional channels of large LED lighting companies willing to hand over, weak growth in the traditional channels, especially when the case. The marriage of electronic business, online and offline interaction, becomes now LED lighting companies love "three-dimensional marketing", which is the future of LED lighting enterprise development trend.
Restricted traditional channels
Online sales into the new darling of the LED lighting business
Currently, large traditional lighting companies still hold the main channel distribution through agents in the country is the best choice for the traditional lighting companies. For example NVC has 11 operations centers nationwide, will lay the towns a network, the number reached more than 10,000; Op lighting in the country has 10,000 outlets or stores, almost have three or four markets nationwide cover, and in the designer, design institutes, large cooperation project, it also occupies a unique advantage.
Compared with the traditional channels, e-commerce has two characteristics: First, no regional restrictions, wide audience; two is to reduce intermediate circulation, to achieve flat management. This did not take the traditional channels of the emerging LED business is undoubtedly an opportunity. Because you want quick access to traditional channels, and with the large, traditional lighting companies have been very difficult. The e-commerce low cost, wide coverage features become very attractive. Thus some of the emerging LED business is quite in love with e-commerce.
But the relatively new LED enterprises, with traditional channels of large enterprises also did not calm. Online sales effect can not be ignored, making the layout of the major lighting companies accelerate e-commerce. Which is divided into several ways: First, cooperation with third-party e-commerce platform, such as Taobao, Alibaba, Jingdong, pat net, build their own B2C flagship store. Second, select the media Home Shopping Mall. For example NVC Lighting, Philips, Long can home in a media mall opened shop. Third, enterprises are not dependent on any platform, the establishment of the official website, the official website selling products. In general, several ways simultaneously, stationed round to compete for online sales share is relatively common phenomenon.
But insiders do not agree with this phenomenon. Wright Lighting Division Office Xia Siyuan said: "Currently on Taobao Mall do a better job, or other LED majority are some no-name stores, mainly targeted at some 80,90, selling well are some of the conventional products The vast majority of large-scale LED lighting companies still dominated by traditional channels, even if there is the shop, but also dealers are more companies focus on traditional channels still, after all, still experience lighting products, consumers still pay more attention to line experience . "
But in fact for online sales line services can not solve the problem, a new model - O2O mode in the LED lighting field of electronic commerce has emerged. O2O emerging business model is fairly representative, online and offline interactive combination of consumers looking online and offline to complete the purchase, so that Internet has become the front line transactions, the payment mode with the owner to create a combination of traffic . This new electric provider model, and more to meet consumer demand. An LED lighting business executives think: "O2O pattern generation, making many LED lighting business into e-commerce in the itinerary, shortened by a mile."
Marriage electricity supplier
LED lighting business, "three-dimensional marketing" is the trend
Marriage electricity supplier, LED lighting enterprises online procurement, investment, branding, distribution channels and other means to coexist development methods, e-commerce is clearly opened up a new field. Insiders believe that the future is possible with traditional channels of commerce rival, which is the direction of development
However, whether the role of electricity providers are exaggerated? Certain LED lighting business executives said, "This year was exaggerate the role of e-commerce. Ultimately, the return to nature, e-commerce is still a channel commerce course also carries lines The following features are not available channels, such as improving product presentation, with the relatively wide coverage of branding, but its essence remains the channels to sell products for the primary purpose. "the corporate executives said:" For the LED lighting, the online and offline are complementary, online sales, brand promotion, investment, line services, both of which are indispensable; therefore 'three-dimensional marketing' is the future development trend of the times. "