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Industry News

2013 LED industry Billboard announced the "Top Ten News Events"


1, the financial subsidies
February 2012, "2012 semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project" for domestic public tender. Then in July, due to significant changes in national policy and other reasons, the original tender document settings procurement targets have been unable to meet the new requirements, which the tender was renamed "2012/2013 semiconductor lighting products, financial subsidies to promote the project," and separate organizations bidding, winning a total of 39 companies, winning a total of LED lighting products 8.73 million, which is the first state subsidies for the promotion of LED products, which directly stimulating the demand for LED lighting around 20-30 billion.

2, the semiconductor lighting twelve five special planning
July 11, the ministry issued "on the issuance of semiconductor lighting technology development," second five "special plan" which formulated the semiconductor lighting industry overall objectives, highlighting five key tasks. Proposed in 2015: LED lighting industry reached 500 billion yuan, LED lighting products accounted for 30% of general lighting; 20-30 focusing on cultivating leading enterprises to build 20 state-level industrial bases and 50 "Ten City, ten thousand" pilot demonstration cities, which shows the government's expectations for the LED industry, concern and attention.

3, LED promotion
May 28, 2012, the Guangdong provincial government held a "Guangdong Province to promote the application of LED lighting products work conference," issued the "Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products implementation plan," three-year plan in Guangdong popularity of LED public lighting, and promote LED lighting popularity, boosting the prosperity and development of LED lighting market. It is understood that Guangdong installed more than 800,000 LED lights, interior lights more than 2.1 million, more than 20,000 km road model, the overall energy efficiency of 55%, the cumulative savings of 1 billion kwh of electricity, the application of the largest in the country.

4, LED lighting standard optical components
2012, by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance R & D and guidance, Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industrial organization and implementation of joint innovation center "LED lighting standard optical components of the project" started, and post frame coding rules and common modules regular and irregular to release some new module standards and patented technology for enterprise unified adopted to guide the LED lighting industry towards normalization, serialization, standardization direction.

5, domestic equipment counterattack
2012, LED equipment localization has taken solid steps to achieve a Cock wire counter-attack. March 2012, the Chinese Academy of Sciences under the joint auspices of Guangdong Province, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences is responsible for research and development of 48 MOCVD first prototype made significant progress. Branch of the macro and micro, said the company intends to use short-term goal is to carry out equipment three years development, testing and debugging verification of industrialization to achieve annual output of more than 100 production capacity.

6, NVC venture dispute
2012 has ignited in the industry than the events NVC infighting. From the May 25 announcement called NVC chairman Wu Changjiang, resigned from his post for personal reasons after July 12, NVC new board and management, employees, dealers will meet representatives, turned into a the Board of Directors of the emperor to abdicate drama. Subsequently microblogging each stroke, leaving executives, directors resign ...... NVC venture dispute climax, finally announced Wu Changjiang NVC NVC either temporary operating committee responsible person a paper notice in the end.

7, three Formosa Epitaxy photoelectric An Offer
November 2012, three safety photoelectric contribute approximately $ 80.3 million to subscribe for Taiwan's second largest LED chip factory Formosa Epitaxy Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 19.9% ​​stake, becoming its largest shareholder. It is understood that the three safety photoelectric photoelectric selected as a partner Formosa Epitaxy, mainly based on the two sides in products and sales regions complementary, the two sides will greatly optimize the layout of the market, synergies and jointly strive for the international market opportunities with the mainland. This is currently the continent's largest investment projects in Taiwan, but also the cross-strait cooperation in the LED industry investment in the first case, but also the acquisition of listed companies on both sides of the first cases.

8, BDO Runda White NVC
December 26, 2012 evening, BDO Runda spend a total of HK $ 1,654 million for the acquisition of 20.05% equity interest in NVC, BDO Runda said that actively seek and NVC Lighting LED lighting products to promote the depth of cooperation, in order to use its perfect sales channels, strong dealer network marketing company of LED lighting products. Two giants join forces, marking the domestic LED industry mergers and acquisitions wave gradually into the climax stage.

9, rectangular lighting recall the door
July 31, 2012, rectangular lighting LED lighting occurs nationwide recall of events, and 10,000 light bulbs in the factory destroyed problems. The LED lamps recall called the country's first in the industry caused intense hot. It is reported that, in order to prevent accidents, rectangular and resolutely put an end to bad lighting fixtures sold in the market. The rectangular lighting company lost more than one hundred thousand yuan recall, is rectangular lighting focus on brand strategic turning point, which is also for the LED lighting industry to create quality products play a role in benchmarking and awaken.

10, Linsen price adjustment
June 15, 2012, on the part of mulinsen shares and LEDT8 lamp LED bulb for a substantial price adjustment, price rises of over 40%, which is implemented since the beginning of this year, following the second round of price adjustment measures, twice the price rises has reached 70% The trade of shock. Linsen shares, said the company continued high cost strategy, hoping that the general public at a lower price the use of LED energy-saving products, the LED into the civilian consumer age, parity in the industry set off a revolution in LED lights.