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High Performance Codec for Lossless Frame Buffer Compression (RayCodec® LFBC) Technology


Importance of Frame Buffer Compression

Current TV/Mobile display market: evolving from 2K, 4K, even to 8K
– Display products that support 4K, 8K UHD are being introduced
– Consumer needs for multimedia contents in UHD are growing
– Imagination, ARM, Vivante launching lossless frame buffer compression products
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 supporting 4K UHD is expected to be launched in late 2013


Issue: Codec technology for UHD images highly demanded
– Bandwidth overhead problem is challenged due to external memory access


"Lossless" Frame Buffer Compression
– Compresses and decompresses images(frame buffer) in high speed
– Lossless: No loss in image quality due to codec process
– Compression rate: 2.38 (YUV 4:2:0 format, 1bit align, without header) (In existing lossy method, codec performance decreases with higher compression rate)
– Can be easily integrated for various applications


"Pixel-parallel" Compression Processing (“Core Patent”)
– Pixel-parallelizing compression and decompression in fully pipelined structure


Ultra-High Throughput
– YUV Throughput: 32G bytes/sec (@500MHz)
– Pixel Throughput: 10.7G pixels/sec (@500MHz)


Small Silicon Size
– 270K gate counts (compression HW: 120K, decompression HW: 150K, based on Foundry A 28n@500MHz)


RayCodec® LFBC Specifications


Item Description Remark
Throughput (YUV) 32G bytes/sec Latency: 4 cycles
Throughput (pixel) 10.7G pixels/sec Latency: 6 cycles
Compression Ratio 2.38 YUV 4:2:0 format, 1bit align, without header
Area 270K gate counts Foundry A 28n @500MHz













* Full HD resolution, 8x8 block, Clock 500MHz